Meet small hilltribe groups on holiday in Thailand
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The Focus section of the Tell Tale Travel website is dedicated to articles on topics that interest us. They are mainly topics from countries that we run our special Tell Tale holidays in, but we are interested in all sorts of things..

The Blue Whales of Sri Lanka
Find out how the largest animals that have ever lived on Earth have made Sri Lanka their home.

Elephants on Parade
What's huge and dressed up as a Christmas tree?

Cashews - from tree to table
Ever wondered why cashew nuts are so expensive?

But what about the children?
Fancy going on an adventure holiday, but worried about taking the children? Allay your fears with our article featuring four families' experiences on our family adventure holidays.

Project Colombo
Find out how you can give an old computer a new lease of life and change the lives of children who could do with a leg up in life.

Vegetarian Festival
Thailand's annual vegetarian festival, known locally as Tesagan Jae takes place next October. The Jae festival is a 10-day period when many Chinese-Thais will adopt a strict vegetarian - in fact closer to vegan - diet.

Taking care of Thailand's elephants
Find all about elephants in Thailand, why Tell Tale itineraries don't include elephant riding and the best place to meet these magnificent creatures.

Destination Krabi
Discover Krabi, the jewel of the Andaman Sea, the jaw-dropping backdrop to Hollywood films, beautiful desert islands and local people just going about their normal lives.

Have you eaten rice yet?
Thai food is a legend in itself. With so many distinctive tastes available in this vast country, we've put together a handy insider's guide which includes cooking tips from our unique network of local people.

Royal Flora Ratchaphruek
Can you imagine the smell of over two million plants in one place? Find out all about the horticultural show in Chiang Mai.

If you can't stand the heat...Head north!
Our mini-guide to Northern Thailand. Why you should go there on holiday plus some inside tips to make the most of the old Lanna kingdom...

Raw, hot and dangerous
Mouse droppings and chilli peppers? What on earth can they have in common?

Say What?
Thai people respect those with 'Jai Yen' - a patient heart and keeping this in mind could boost your holiday. Find out why keeping a cool head is better than losing yours...

The world's biggest water fight
Everyone has heard of the Chinese new year but who'd have thought that the Thai people mark the beginning of their new year with a huge waterfight?!

Destinations Show
Did you stop for a chat at the Destinations Show in London?

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