Pah's Chicken Massaman Curry

A selection of our favourite secret family recipes from Thailand, Sri Lanka, Brazil and even England!

Pah's Chicken Massaman Curry
Pah, from Krabi on the Andaman coast in Southern Thailand, is one of the best cooks in the area, her fragrant curries and sizzling stirfries are out of this world...

Sun's Tangy Barbeque Dip
Make up this sauce with Sun himself for a barbeque on an island beach of the Andaman sea.

Laab Tofu Recipe
Laab salads are a regular ingredient in many Thai diets, particularly as most Thai meals are made up of a mixture of dishes including a soup, a salad, a meat dish and a vegetable dish, but this recipe is a vegetarian one.

Sri Lankan style Turkey Curry
Want to spice up your Boxing Day? Use up your turkey leftovers with this special recipe, customised for us by acclaimed chef Peter Kuruvita.

Sujata's Sweet Pineapple Curry
A distinctive Sri Lankan recipe. Great vegetarian sweet and sour curry. This version is almost like a chutney and could be used to spice up poached salmon.

Loraine's Christmas cake
A legacy of the Dutch, with some Sri Lankan additions, this is a truly delicious Christmas cake.

Cashewy Tropical Fruit Smoothie
Inspired by Brazil but using fruit found in all tropical countries (and easily found in the UK), a taste of the tropics in a glass. Uses homemade cashew nut milk, with pineapple, mango and more.

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Pah's Chicken Massaman Curry
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Pah's Chicken Massaman Curry
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Pah's Chicken Massaman Curry